Diana is the picture of a successful woman who has it all! She has a great husband, Michael, a beautiful daughter, Kelsey and she owns Sweet Lilies, a very popular and busy cafe and bakery. Diana’s life seems perfect until she begins to realize the toll her long hours at Sweet Lilies have taken on her family when she discovers her husband's affair. Diana’s world is still spinning when she gets a call from the hospital that her estranged mother who she has not spoken to since she was a teenager, was hospitalized with a terminal condition and Diana was the only one who could make end of life decisions for her. With little to no hope of her mother regaining consciousness, Diana is forced to reconcile with the past. Diana’s faith is challenged in a powerful way as she struggles with forgiveness and reconciliation of the past, so she can be present for her family who needs her in the present.

Writer & Director: Ricky Burchell

Produced by: Vicki Myers Fults · Kendall M.  Gray · Ricky Burchell

Content Rating: TV-MA

Genre: Drama · Romance · Faith

Production Companies: FBC Company · Ricky Burchell Studios · Kendall Gray Productions

Distribution: Vision Films

Run Time: 88 minutes

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